12 Days – Northern Uganda Circuit Tour

About the Trip

Our 12-day trip brings you the Northern Circuit of Uganda: This remote area is seldom visited by tourists. Expect to see the animals of the savannahs (lion, elephant, buffalo, giraffe and, leopard) in a beautiful and unspoiled and unique landscape.

This trip specifically includes the most important places of Northern Uganda: Murchison Falls National Park, Kidepo Valley National Park, Sipi Falls, Jinja the source of the Nile, and the Karamojong.


Game drives (safaris) on the savannahs of Murchison Falls National Park, seeing the wildlife from close quarters.

Boat trip on the Nile to the Murchison Falls, where the Nile is forced through a gorge and drops 60 meters.

Spectacular wildlife viewing from the boat on the Nile where it reaches the delta into Lake Albert Game drives (safaris) on the savannahs of Kidepo Valley National Park, there are more lions than tourists in this remote national park!

Visit the Karamojong and experience their local way of living.

The Karamojong are the ‘Maasai’ of Uganda.

Visit the spectacular Sipi Falls, the highest waterfall in East Africa

See the source of the Nile in Jinja and do some kayaking or rafting

Tour Guide: One Village Tours

Duration 12 days

Escorted Yes

Tour Plan

Day 1: Entebbe Airport

Arrive at Entebbe Airport. Your guide will be there waiting for you. Pick up and proceed to Kampala city. medium budget: Sojovalo Hotel (BB) high budget: Cassia Lodge / Makindye Country Club (BB).

Day 2: Kampala – Bundongo forest

Transfer to Budongo Forest. Optional visit to Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary on our way. medium budget: Budongo Forest Eco Lodge (BB) high budget: Budongo Forest Eco Lodge(FB).

Day 3: Budongo forest – Murchison falls

Morning Chimp Tracking in the Forest and Transfer to Murchison Falls National Park. Visit the top of the spectacular Murchison Falls on the way. medium budget: Pakuba Lodge (HB) high budget: Paraa Lodge(FB).

Day 4: Murchison falls National Park

Early game drive and afternoon boat ride on the Victoria Nile up to the bottom of the falls. medium budget: Pakuba Lodge (HB) high budget: Paraa Lodge (FB).

Day 5: Murchison falls - Kitgum

Early morning game drive through the park on the way to Kitgum. medium budget: Bohma Hotel (BB) / Fugly’s Hotel (BB) high budget: Bohma Hotel (FB) / Fugly’s Hotel (FB).

Day 6: Kitgum – kidepo Valley National Park

Transfer to Kidepo Valley National Park. Game drive in the afternoon if time allows. medium budget: UWA Bandas (RO) high budget: Apoka Lodge (FB).

Day 7: Kidepo Valley National Park

Early morning and afternoon game drive in Kidepo Valley National Park. medium budget: UWA Bandas (RO) high budget: Apoka Lodge (FB).

Day 8: Kidepo Valley

Early morning game drive in Kidepo Valley National Park. In the afternoon, visit a Karamajong village, a unique cultural experience! medium budget: UWA Bandas (RO) high budget: Apoka Lodge (FB).

Day 9: Kidepo - kitgum

Early morning game drive as you transfer to Kitgum afterwards. medium budget: Fugly’s Hotel (BB) high budget: Bohma Hotel (FB).

Day 10: Sipi falls

Transfer to Sipi Falls. In the afternoon we enjoy this beautiful area. medium budget: Lacam Lodge (BB) high budget: Sipi River Lodge (FB).

Day 11: Sipi falls - Jinja

Visit the spectacular Sipi Falls: Transfer to Jinja afterwards. Excursion to the source of the Nile. medium budget: Nile Porch (BB) high budget: The Haven (FB).

Day 12: Jinja - kampala

Transfer to kampala city for a morning city tour and an afternoon drive to Entebbe airport for your flight.

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    Wow, Great Tour !!!

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    Miniatur Wunderland & Historic Port of Hamburg

    Here was so much good about this trip – our guide

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