Game Drive Safaris


Who does not want to boast that they have seen elephant, Rhinoceros, Buffalloes, Lions and Leopards during their wild African safaris? In Uganda it’s possible to view all of the ‘big five’ surely a memory to cherish for a life time. African elephants and caped buffaloes a regularly spotted in great numbers during game drives and launch trips-these are estimated to be around 2500 elephants and some 7000 buffaloes in quineelizaberth national park. Lions: can sometimes be seen lounging in the fig trees of Ishasha in queen elizaberth or aprowling across the rocks of kidepo valley, eying up unsuspecting herds of Uganda kobs. You will have to be luck to glimpse a well-comouflaged, leopard though the challenge of spotting this beautiful feline makes a rare sighting even more rewarding. Rhinos: have been hunted to extinction in the wildUganda-n but Ziwa rhino sanctuary gives visitors the chance to walk up close to these hunge, armoured creatures in the savannah making Uganda one of the few destinations where you really can see the big five in their naturl habitat.



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