Mountain Hiking


Uganda has the third highest peak in Africa, four extinct volcanoes and one of the largest intact Calderas in the world –not bad for such a country. In experienced climbers or those short time can choose one of the three conical Virunga volcanoes in mgahinga Gorilla national park. Any of the three can be summited in a day, and offer a stounding views of UGANDA, Rwanda and DR.congo. Mt Elgon, on the Kenya border, also requires not technical expertise, but the route to the top takes 4-7 days, passing through wonderful forests scenery, natural pools and past ancient caves. The true challenge is the Rwenzori; Africa’s highest mountain chain. Inexperienced climbers will enjoy the enchanting scenery of the lower slopes but only skilled mountaineers should attempt the 9 days trek to the snow-covere (caped) equatorial peaks.



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