Queen Elizabeth national park


This is the most beautiful and rewarding national park in Uganda. It was named QUEEN ELIZABERTH NATIONAL PARK after a visit by her majesty queen of England in 1954, and formerly it was kazinga channel national park. It is a place for wildlife viewing in Uganda where you encounter the big four on a lucky day during your game drive. A boat cruise on the longest kazinga channel that separates the two rift valley lakes George and Edward is a gift to nature lovers. It gives you the best view of the rift valley escapments and its features, see the peninsula, track chimpanzee, go to the equator and take a photo closely shaking hands with a friend in northern and southern hemisphere, visit the salt mining lake (katwe), ishasha sector of queen national park for tree climbing lions, visit the gorge etc. Depending on energy level and time on your disposal, drive few kms and on an eye seeing view to Rwenzori mountain national park and take an 8 days hiking the snow caped mountains of the moon and the highest mountain both in Uganda and Africa. The hike will expose you to wild life, snow at the top, birds, view of western rift valley and its features.



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