Travel Volunteering
A unique way adults and students can experience a place and culture. These trips may include homestays, social events, seasonal relevance, and community projects. Volunteers will be immersed in the local community and engage in families, special projects, language, teaching a language, feeding animals, garden management, and agricultural projects.


Most volunteers come to make their contributions to local communities, but they also seek the chance to explore and adventure beyond. In this instance, volunteers are also guests and become “Voluntourists.” These custom-created adventure packages provide the best of both worlds, allowing our volunteers a deeper and richer exploration of Uganda. Voluntourists leave with hearts full and minds blown.


1-week $900, 2-weeks $1280, 3-weeks $1970, 4-weeks $2220 Includes accommodation, three meals per day (breakfast, lunch,and dinner) with local food prepare within a home setting. NOTE: The above packages attract a non-refundable placement booking fee of $100 and no excursion. only Airport pick-up and drop-off are included.


1-Weeks $2885, 2-weeks $3750, 3-weeks $4170
Includes city tours in Kampala, Queen Elizabeth National park, Lake Mburo National park, Lake Bunyonyi excursion, culture immersion, and Hiking Mt Muhabura. Airport pick-up and drop-off are included.


  • airport pick up and drop off
  • three meals perday prepared on a home setup.
  • transport and guide to package destinations
  • interpretor
  • bottled water 1.5l perday

Not included:

  • Airticket
  • Health Certificate & Required Vaccinations
  • Health Insurance
  • Personal spending Money.
  • Animal-Based Tours require permits:
    • Gorilla tracking permit $700
    • Chimpanzee permits $250
    • Queen Elizabeth National Park $50
Please contact us at the above address for more information or to inquire about our volunteer and internship program.

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